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Are You Talked About?
A Gossip Girl Stamping Community
1st-Apr-2009 05:24 am

<b><u>The Basics</b></u>

<b>Name/Nickname: Amanda Leigh</b>

<b>Age: 22</b>

<b>Location: Lakewood, Ohio</b>

<b>Sex: Female</b>

<b>Cross-Gender Votes? Sure!</b>

<b><u>First Impressions</b></u>

<b>What are your hobbies? Music, internet, video games, writing, photoshop</b>

<b>What was/is your favorite subject in school? Music</b>

<b>What is your favorite color? Dark red</b>

<b>What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Go out! Dancing, drinks, movie - anything. I just love to be out with awesome people</b>

<b>What five things could you not live without? Music, my cell phone, my computer, my mother, my friends</b>

<b><u>Under That Sleek Exterior</b></u>

<b>Who is your role-model and why? My mom. She's just incredible. She really is my best friend, we're so much on the same level its scary. She's never put any stupid restrictions on me, and I managed not to go crazy and still grow up as a moral individual. She still helps to support me when I'm struggling, and I talk to her every single day</b>

<b>Who is your best friend? Why are they closer to you then anyone else? My mom, for all the reasons I just mentioned</b>

<b>What is your relationship status? If you're in a relationship, tell us a bit about it. Single, and flirting =) I am very much in love with my ex, but as of right now he wants nothing to do with me</b>

<b>What is your favorite thing to wear and why? Skirts, because I don't think I've ever had a bad day wearing a skirt, and high heels, because they make my legs look fantastic =)</b>

<b>Who in your family are you closest to? ...my mom? *broken record*</b>

<b><u>Tough Choices</b></u>

<b>In a difficult situation, would you choose your friends or your family? If my mom is included in "family," then family. Otherwise, friends</b>

<b>Your boy/girlfriend or your best friend? If I have a boyfriend, I'll probably choose him</b>

<b>Your mom or your dad? My mom - my dad and I were never very close. We only lived a few minutes apart, and I would only see him a few times a year on holidays and family birthdays</b>

<b>Your happiness or someone else's? Depends.</b>

<b>Your life or someone else's? Again, depends. Honsetly, probably mine, because I value life so much.</b>

<b><u>About The Books</b></u>

<b>Who is your favorite Gossip Girl character and why? I never read the books, but on the show, there's something about Blair =) It really changes from episode to episode. I'm pretty sure every character on the show has been my favorite at some point...I really liked Jenny with the whole fashion design plot. For awhile this season I even loved Chuck. And Dorota is AWESOME

But I always love Jonathan, because I LOVE Matt Doyle <3</b>

<b>Who is your least favorite character and why? Chuck? The whole Blair thing just really pissed me off - I felt so bad for her. I also often can't stand Vanessa</b>

<b>Which of the current eleven books is your favorite and why? Never read the books! =x</b>

<b>If you could date any of the characters, who would it be and why? NATE! He's so perfect. He's cute, romantic, smart...sure, there was the whole cheating business, but I think he's grown since then</b>

<b>If you lived in the Gossip Girl world, who would you choose to make your best friend and why? Hm...NOT Blair, because she would inevitably destroy me! XD Maybe Jenny - she seems like she's a great friend to people who don't treat her like crap. Or Serena - same deal, but a little more mature.</b>

<b>(Optional) Post 1-5 pictures of yourself. Please make them a reasonable size.</b>

<b>Thank you in advance!</b>
18th-Apr-2009 02:41 pm (UTC)
I'd say Serena
5th-May-2009 03:44 am (UTC)
6th-May-2009 03:40 am (UTC)
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